History has already shaped you. How will you shape history?

Learn how our school system came to be and what you can do about it.


Did you know that your school experience was constructed for you hundreds of years ago to maintain a racist power structure?

We are former and current History teachers in New Orleans. There's a lot of talk in 2020 about racism, anti-racism, and being an ally. But to change where we're going, we have to know how we got here.

Through OurStory NOLA, students from across New Orleans will learn the history of our school system, share their stories, and discuss how to use their power to make schools more equitable, together. We hope you'll join our community.

Our Vision & Values

OurStory NOLA utilizes a diverse and equitable online classroom to inspire the next generation of anti-racist leaders into action, through engagement in meaningful dialogue about racism rooted in history and people’s lived experiences.


We believe that ending racism requires active work to dismantle our own biases and systems of oppression.


We believe that listening with humility and sharing with vulnerability makes us stronger.



We believe that conversations are more productive and transformative with people who are different from ourselves.

We believe that meaningful progress to end systemic racism is only possible together.

You're already a part of history.